KORN REGN Pear Kaktus Osmotisk Fugtgivende Sæt Natriumhydroxid Modstandsdygtighed Multi-Effekt Multi-Beskyttelse Anti-Oxidant Strålende


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Tags: højt tryk natrium lampe, kniv sæbe, dm 1702, natrium lampe, natriumhydroxid metal, foot støtte til sundhedssektoren, natrium metal amazon, kors, trekant, elektrisk varmelegeme infrarød, sandeltræ sæbe.

  • Køn: Unisex
  • Element Type: Creme
  • Funktion: Fugtgivende
  • Mærke: NoEnName_Null
  • Bruger: Ansigt
  • Land/Område for Fremstilling: Kina
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
Delivery about a month, the courier brought home. The design is chic! Very worthy, pencil cases for funds are dense, beautiful. All bottles look expensive. I'll try, I'll finish the review
In the set of toner, emulsion, face cream. The system of my skin has approached, the skin is drink and grateful)) the packing is chic, suitable as a gift. The timing is good. The composition includes cactus extract, jojoba seeds oil and olives, avocado, etc. Excellent natural components of lifhak from me) many Toner is applied to a cotton disc, then wipe the face. I do so, pour a little in the palm of my hand, pour on the second and patting movements spread over my face. In this way, the toner is spent economically) still the toner must be applied to the face after washing with foam, while your skin is a little wet. Big Plus, this is the dispenser on the emulsion. Very convenient, you do not need to shake the jar with the agent.
After receiving the parcel was in a pleasant distance from such a beautiful package. Each jar, bottle in a separate tube, everything is neatly folded and broken with paper chips. Shelf life is normal. I have a set of three means: Toner, emulsion and cream. Toner is a little thicker than water, like a serum. It is applied after cleansing, you can even without a cotton disc, the consumption is economical. The dispenser is not the most convenient, but nothing superfluous will not get. Emulsion of white color, slightly thicker than Toner, with a convenient dispenser. One click is enough on the face. Cream in a glass jar. Under the lid there is a plastic membrane with a tongue and a spoon, you do not need to climb your fingers into the jar. The texture is very gentle and easy to apply, absorbed in 5 min. Very well moisturizes. Unfortunately, there is no composition in English, so while I have put this kit down. Later I will try to study the composition, sweat and extra. I like everything for now.
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