FunnyTech®Iphone SE sag 2020 l design Crown King baggrund tekstur


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Tags: 16 crown, crystal hair reb, brun krone, krone sølv tiara, søde perle, mansati tiara, vintage barok brude tiara krone, blå rhinestone tiara, base tiara, støbejern bøjle.

[Exclusive design] exclusive design of our brand, you will not find it elsewhere. [Great printing quality] the printing of our covers is done with the best inks and with the maximum definition.Our cases stand out both for the great viveza of its colours and for its well-kept aesthetics. [Long-lasting printing] great ink grip, ensuring that the design does not come off and therefore greater durability. [Perfect Fit] The case includes access holes and camera specific for your mobile model. [Made of high quality material] we use high quality silicone to create a case with A aesthetic finish of detail.The case is flexible and transparent.It has additional treatment to prevent stains and delay yellowish tone (inevitable in this material). [Thickness 1,5mm] is shown that a 1.5mm sheath thickness provides greater strength, keeping mobile aesthetics.You won't notice just the thickness of the case. [Mini-dot design] to avoid vacuum axes that generate this type of covers, we have added almost imperceptible mini-points to avoid this problem.Thank you for trusting Techcool for your tech purchases.Be Smart, protect your phone

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