For Mindray BC2100 BC2300 BC2600 BC2800 BC1800 BC2900 BC3000Plus Printeren MBL1306A eller MBL1306B TR6D


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Tags: bc2600, mindray skærm, bc2800, overvåge patienten, mindray, bs120 mindray, hæmatologi analyzer mindray bc3000, display mindray, mindray ultralyd, mindray skærm.

MBL1306A = MBL1306B T hans slags printer, er en gammel Version, der anvendes i den højre side en(sort låg)

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  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
Markin 1994
The items arrived in a good presentation, apparently arrived without visible damage, they have not yet been tested in their 100% since the final destination is another and there have the corresponding equipment, shipping totally bad, despite paying DHL expresss shippment took forever, It was shipped 5 days after the purchase was made (bought on a Wednesday) and it was sent next Monday (I still don't understand why) and it takes longer than expected, A purchase was made by aliexpress standar shippment of another package and arrived this faster to the destination than the purchased by DHL, We have to work on improving that. I will update my comment when the purchased items can be tested.
The order came very quickly. There was a national package, through a new mail. Everything is exactly as described. All issues were solved after a short correspondence with the seller. Packed perfectly.
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